We are bringing fresh breeze into your business. The wide assortment of products that offer numerous possibilities four you and your customers. The already well known varieties marked with GGG are sourched from our breeding department, and they will get better of course from year to year.

  • 1792 Bacopa Double white XXL Copa ®
  • 1432 Calibrachoa Cream Strawberry Eye Sweet Bells ®
  • 1324 Dahlia Yellow - Orange Splash Starlias®
  • 1279 Petunia Burgundy Vein Sweet Pleasure ®
  • 1257 Petunia Strawberry Vein Trailing Sweet Pleasure ®

The varieties of our Trademarks include: Angel-Lobelia™, Apadana™-Begonien, Belmona™-Begonien, Colour Bells™-Petunien, Coolaris™-Torenia, Copa™-Bacopa, Dazzling Lips™-Antirrhinum, Giggles™-Nemesia, Gourmeè Geranien™, Impassion™-Osteospermum, Kaboutertjes™-Nemesia, Knobi-Flirt™, Magnifico™-Neu Guinea, Maulwurfschreck™, Moskito Schocker™, Paria™-Angelonien , StarDreams™-Verbenen, Summer Island™-Fuchsien, Summerdaisy's™-Osteospermum, Summerdreams™-Verbenen, Summerlovers™, Summermelody™-Fuchsien, Sunny Susy™-Thunbergia, Sunpleasure™-Petunien, Suntropics™-Lobelien, SweetBells™-Calibrachoa, Tiny Pleasure™-Petunien, Velox™-Verben-Phlox, Vienco™-Cuphea, Elfjes™-Diascia, Verpiss-Dich™-Coleus, Wespen Schocker and the Wasp Shocker™.

Our trademark varieties undergo extensive testing to guaranteed bacteria and virus-free plants. Our splendid new colours and combination of colours follow the trends of popular cultivated balconies and gardens all over the world. We pay a lot of attention of our marketing campaign and the distinctive labels and names provide easy product recognition for your customers.

Satisfaction of our customers is very important at the house of Gruenewald. We strive to offer a comprehensive range of high quality plants through our rigorous quality control standards at our laboratories. We also offer quality plants from other breeders, for example we offer for you a wide assortment of the Suntory products.  

The Gruenewald team values your custom and would be pleased to assist you in your selections. We wish you success and we hope that you enjoy reading our internet pages. 

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Best regards, your GGG-Team